About Linzer Lane

(Pictured here, Leon & Lady Lucas in Belmar, NJ)

Dreamt up by artist Ashley Lucas (aka Lady Lucas) while living abroad in Salzburg with her husband on ‘die Linzergasse’, the Linzer Lane line of artwork and gifts captures the charm, traditions and woodland inspired animals common in Austria. Lucas fully realized the fictional world of Linzer Lane after the birth of her son Leon (aka Moose) in 2018.

Linzer Lane is a magical world of illustrated animals that live and work on the same charming cobblestone street. Each animal has a special niche passion that they’ve turned into a business. Iggie the Hedgehog is Linzer Lane’s resident gingerbread baker, while Zinnie the Rabbit is in charge of growing tulips on her charming flower farm. Roy the Cat peddles seashells to local residents, while Fairy Ann the Unicorn makes confetti for special occasions. For a full run down on all the characters, visit the Field Guide here.

The characters of Linzer Lane strive to infuse the message, ‘Live with heart’ into everything they do. 

Our art studio has moved to Belmar, NJ for the time being, and we are loving the beach air, salty seagulls, and laid back lifestyle. We're actively pursuing collaborations with local Jersey Shore businesses. For all inquires, please contact us here.

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