Meet the Characters

Meet the adorable animals that live and work on Linzer Lane. There are many to explore, but this group of six close friends are the main characters that appear over and over again within our artwork, books and gifts!

Frau LinaThe resident party planner of Linzer Lane, FRAU LINA loves wearing capes and heels.  She’s a no nonsense kind of gal who throws magical birthday parties and epic brunches. Often mistaken for a fluffy cat, this fine lady is actually a Westie dog!

Zoe the Cat
ZOE the tabby cat lives in a beautiful mint green mansion and hosts monthly button club events in her tea room / sewing space. She sells her favorite finds at the local farmer’s market on Thursday mornings.

Iggie the Hedgehog

He’s jolly, round, and loves taking walks in the woods. IGGIE the Hedgehog's hobby is collecting wild mushrooms.  Iggie bakes gingerbread daily and sells his creations within his darling shop on Linzer Lane. 

MOOSE is quite obviously a Moose. He loves wearing comfy clothes at all times - preferably pajamas. He's quite young - so his special Linzer Lane profession is still in the works. Stay tuned!
Zinnie the Rabbit

ZINNIE the Rabbit has a tulip farm in the country and travels to Linzer Lane daily by scooter to sell her beautiful flowers. She is quite sweet, and gets along famously with all the animals around her. Butterflies tend to follow her wherever she goes.

 Chloe the Unicorn

She’s sparkly, happy and fun, FAIRY ANN the Unicorn specializes in making confetti for those who are looking for a little magic in their lives. Fairy Ann's favorite color is 'rainbow' ;)